neural networks are only ever a filter on top of other people's labour. in no meaningful sense does eg google translate 'translate' anything: it looks at a corpus of how people have translated similar sentences before and constructs an overcomplicated model of how to mash them together

and in fact a neural network bears 0 resemblance to how a human brain works. the entire technology is based on a lie

@esvrld it has resemblance if you settle for metaphor-level resemblance . can't argue with last part though


@CobaltVelvet in the sense that we also don't know how a neural net could be used to model the functioning of a brain and one black box resembles another. but that's hardly a useful point of likeness

@esvrld Fair it's hardly a useful point at all. i think i'm just glad They accepted brains being closer to a black box than an algorithm

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