the world produces half again as much food as humans consume, and this with large stretches of land used in a way that's both depleting and ineffective — devoted to cash crops or monoculture, turned into lawns, left fallow as an investment, etc. the core anprim/ecofash claim that human population has surpassed the earth's ecological capacity is flat-out false

and so is the idea that pre-columbian peoples had small populations & no agriculture, based on post-genocide population numbers and european refusal to recognise indigenous forms of agriculture as such. the abundance europeans encountered in the americans and took for 'pristine wilderness' was the result of thousands of years of intensive cultivation by indigenous peoples (eg the fertile terra preta of amazonia)

el problema es el capitalismo. the only reason you'd conclude that somehow world hunger requires mass genocide is if you already want it & are just looking for a justification

and the reason ecofash and anprims want genocide is that their ideologies are informed by colonialist fantasies of 'going out' into the 'pristine wilderness', such 'pristine nature' requiring genocide to create. they want to kill half the population of the world so they can put their little cottagecore coöp / ethnonationalist homestead (the difference is mostly in the kind of flag they fly) on top of their bones

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