i'm reading heatchliff and i feel like i've fallen thru into a parallel universe

i do applaud the absurdity and, whatever the artistic intention, i think these do a great job of problematicising the medium of newspaper comics. but taken at face value as jokes these feel like attempts at a joke by a child who hasn't really understood they're supposed to describe the scenario so that other people can also tell what's funny about it

I feel like the most recent years of the strip have been aimed towards the building of a more or less coherent internal lore, like. nobody knows what the first garbage ape cartoon actually means, or why it should be funny, yet any persevering reader will recognize it whenever it appears again and find the thing satisfying enough. the panel of the maneating giant alone might not matter much, but alongside this more recent one? that's a narrative, a joke (even if not a formal one) weeks, maybe months in the making.

@esvrld What is it with unfunny comics and orange cats?

@esvrld these ones make more sense than the average strip, which makes them less impactful as I don't feel blood boiling rage when reading them. Just mild confusion.

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