the funniest thing is seeing redditors backwards-reasoning their way into thinking online matchmaking systems have all these crazy metrics when literally all they do is just check an ELO ranking. guess it's easier to invent a bunch of mystical statistical reasoning that you have no evidence for than accept you are bad at a video game

"over a long enough timespan my win/loss rate always converges to 50%!!" yeah lol that's literally what the ELO ranking algorithm is designed to do you fucking clod

eventually your ranking will stabilize because ELO is literally statistically designed so that your ranking will converge at a number where you will win and lose 50% of the time, if you win more the number goes up and if you lose more the number goes down, this isn't magic

this post is peak redditor brain, a bunch of pseudo scientific nonsense dressed up like the OP knows a single thing he's talking about

@esvrld @dankwraith that's the secret, i got the MMR vaccine as a child and now i'm bad at video games

@SapphicGiraffic @esvrld @dankwraith Ohshit! *Immediately regrets getting an MMR booster a couple years ago*

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