i am saying nothing new here but it is beyond disgusting that judith butler, one of the most important and influential thinkers in the world, can be censured by a newspaper of record for upsetting a bunch of english women with bad haircuts

seems like something the 'free speech' guys or the people worried about 'liberal values' being no longer respected should get on maybe. unless, of course, they were always full of shit and only wield the notion of a free marketplace of ideas or whatever to further monopolise public discourse in their own favour

to be clear i do not regard this as a new development. what it is is an illustration of the fact that 'freedom of speech', 'freedom of the press', 'academic freedom' etc have never existed

it's also a sign of how vital 3rd wave feminism is — if gender was something separate from 'biological sex' & if biological sex did arrive to us without a history and was assigned to us in a one-time event that then forever determines how we experience it, why would the terves be so anxious to prevent butler from talking about it? nature does not go away when you look at it; ideology masquerading as nature does

and this is why i do think that as unrewarding and repetitive it is, it's worth it to keep banging that particular pot on this noname truckstop of a website, too. preaching to the choir, maybe, but if the choir can't sing in tune, who can?

(then ofc as a matter of fact the choir often has views that are distinct from those of the gender-criticals mainly in framing. but that's not something that's particularly fruitful to talk about)

@esvrld worth pointing out that the passage that was censored is specifically the part where butler stated the inconvertible (and yet systematically supressed) fact that "gender criticals" and other transphobic projects that claim to align themselves with feminism are funded by the far right and allied with fascists

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