all characters are meant to be identified with, all fictional acts are meant to be emulated, and whatever you see on a screen or read on a page the creator, personally, wants you to do irl in real life


citizen kane is about how it's good to be rich and have no friends. jaws wants you to become a giant shark and eat people. this is real

it's hard not to draw lines between this surface only, everything is didactic approach to literary criticism and protestant ideas of scripture interpreting scripture when we literally call writers and directors and artists 'creators'

@esvrld and dril eats bibles! it's all coming together now

@esvrld OK, who let the chronic dril replier interview him

@sciss allegory is irony which is abusive, and channer to me

@esvrld being able to visualize a bad person is pretty problematic and should not be encouraged :\

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