can't believe the project run by libertarians is pivoting to profiting from the free labour of volunteers :/

@esvrld between this and stack overflow being sold for almost 2 bil it looks like capitalism is priming to just completely monetize the information commons

@dankwraith @esvrld Not gonna lie, this is legitimately freaking me out. I thought, for some naieve reason, these resources were just here to stay without things like this happening

@Trent @MadestMadness @dankwraith @esvrld devil's advocate: these giant corporations are using Wikipedia's resources for free to power their for-profit products. This way they'll have to pay something back.

@esvrld I'll never forget when they got all passive aggressive about people not giving them money during the worst of Covid.

@esvrld ah cool, the for-profit subsidiary thing worked out so well for Mozilla and totally didn't turn into an embezzlement scheme like this surely won't
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