I wish someone would explain sexual identity better for me, particularly the difference between bi and pan. As I've stated, I identified as pan until some dick in the lgtbq community came along and said that pan included beastiality, necromancy, and other gross shit and said that bi covered my sexuality. But I think pan included more than bi. Bi=two. I'm poly. I also think pan covers more than just the male/female dichotomy. Am I wrong? Was the person who questioned me identity just a dick?


@bas some people prefer to think of it as bi meaning attraction to any gender and pan attraction without regard for gender, but in general they're interchangeable and it's mostly down to personal preference which you describe yourself as. people with strong opinions either way (eg that bi is transphobic because it means two, or that pan includes paraphilias) tend to be, as you say, dicks

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