the comfort of cishet people is honestly not a great priority for me. sorry if you can't tell the difference between gay people joking about oppression and being subjected to reverse conversion therapy

in fact, i'm going to go ahead and say that reverse conversion therapy is good, and should be pursued vigorously by any post-revolution government. all cishets should be but into hulags (gulag but het)


more seriously, neither cisness nor straightness are natural categories. there's a kind of an air to this like 'oh, but you are still going to let normal people exist as well after queer liberation, right'. in fact, straightness is, if anything, more artificial than queerness: the field of divergent approaches to gender and sexuality would still exist in the absence of structural oppression, but the 'normal' which singles some of those approaches out for oppression wouldn't

so it's not, in fact, 'valid' to be cishet, because cishetness is not a position that preëxists oppression, it's created by oppression and its function is oppression. post-liberation, cisness wouldn't exist, because there would be no coervice gender assignment to be leveraged into privilege

whether terms like heterosexuality and homosexuality would remain used or useful in this world is an open question and one i'm not particularly interested in interrogating, but when you say something like 'please be kind to cis people uwu' what comes out is you consider cisness an intrinsic trait some people are born with, not a property given by them thru their participation in an oppressive social system

that's gender essentialism, and i'm deeply wary of it from straight allies because what it communicates is they're still, consciously or unconsciously, setting cisness and heterosexuality as the normal, as 'natural', and queerness as an aberration. not to say that a lot of queer people don't also hold to this fundamentally queermisic view

the idea of cishet people suffering some kind of systematic oppression from queer people is nonsensical for the same reason the strong being oppressed by the weak is: for that to be the case, the power relation that defines the oppressor and the oppressed would have to have been abolished, and, that being done, there would no longer be any basis for making the difference

and insofar as it would be necessary for queer people to wield structural power against straight people, in the same way it would be necessary during the dictatorship of the proletariat to wield structural power against the bourgeoisie, this is both good and necessary. violence for the abolition of violence and violence for its continuation are not the same kind of violence at all

@esvrld If we are being honest here exclusive homosexuality and exclusive heterosexuality is inherently queerphobic.

Lets say a there is a straight couple. The cis woman in the relationship decides they want to be a trans feminine man. They express this by not changing their appearance in any way other then their pronouns. This is a completely valid trans experience that some people present as.

The cis man in this relationship would either have to be bi or break up with some exclusively bc they are trans. Exclusively straight or homosexual people's identity is inherently pro gender binary and queer discrimination.

Most of what you said kinda hits a nail on the head.

@esvrld You don't need oppression to be cishet though?

No, it's /completely/ valid to be cishet. We don't get to take people's labels away.

You don't get to tell /anyone/ "nope sorry categories don't exist anymore, you're not allowed to be proud of your identity".

This is identity labels; they're tautological by definition, and don't necessarily rely on social structures to exist.

@esvrld If you wiped out all gender oppression, I'd still be cis and male and nonbinary (yeah I'm all those at once).

My cisness doesn't rely on oppressing people

and you don't get to take it away.

Nobody's gender oppresses us. Gender, in itself, does not oppress people, any more than people being human oppresses me (I'm a wolf). What oppresses people is gender /essentialism/ and forced assignment.

@esvrld I mean, yeah, if people stopped assigning gender you probably wouldn't have any NEW cis people they'd just be whatever gender.

But that doesn't make existing cis people not cis.

@IceWolf if i can make a suggestion for next time you feel the need to vomit all that up into my mentions, could you actually read the thing you're replying to? or don't, it's not like i have notifs on

@esvrld Okay yeah I probably should have replied on the thing in the thread I actually saw boosted, but also I never actually read upthread and holy fuck upthread is even /worse/. You do NOT get to forcibly change /anyone/'s gender, /ever/.

That'd be like if I tried to force you to be nonhuman like me (assuming you're human).

@IceWolf the very next post after that one began with "more seriously," so it doesn't really seem like you took the suggestion to actually read the thing you were replying to


@esvrld I've definitely seen lgbt people beat themselves up for being attracted to cis/straight people of the ""opposite"" gender, which is not the best. people shouldn't be stuck with those kinds of internalized feelings that the way they experience attraction is wrong.

but yeah ofc I don't give a damn about cishet people moping about how being straight isn't cool anymore or whateverthefuck.

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