my self-driving car got hit with ransomware and it refuses to stop going until i pay up :/ i'm already halfway to nevada. i just wanted to go the drug store :/

the company that made the software for my self-driving car went bankrupt and it's now incapable of moving because it has drm that requires access to the company's servers


my self-driving car's navigation algorithm keeps driving me places i've already been to, 'in case i missed it' and altering my route so it will go past more billboards

my self-driving car crashed because its neural network can't tell the difference between a reflection from an oil slick and a lorry

@esvrld my self driving car keeps driving me past events that have already ended

@esvrld my self driving car keeps driving to your wife it's really impossible to pinpoint any responsible actor

@esvrld my self-driving car is... driving me crazy!!

@esvrld my self-driving car runs on open source software... Give it another matter nth or two and we’ll have a car that fucks.

@esvrld my self-driving car keeps driving me to my aunt's house instead of work, informing me of how important visiting family is.

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