seems to me 'someone who chooses to associate with the far right because 'the left' was rude to them was never a leftist' should not be a discussion we have to have 5 years into 2016 but here we are

i don't associate myself with the term because it comes with its own baggage but the point of the 'dirtbag left' was that civility is a trap used by the fascists to hide their views under a plaster-job of 'just trying to start a debate :((( but ok' and by enlightened centrist libs to equivocate between wanting genocide and telling someone who wants genocide to eat shit


this is one of the reasons i regard the uwu soft smol beans on here with such suspicion: because a lot of it just amounts to tone policing. you're allowed to have and spread reprehensible views but if someone tells you to shut up that's harassment. the ultimate liberal safe space where you get to imagine disagreement doesn't exist and having actual stakes in political struggle is the real sin

if the chapo boys are running circles around you i don't think you're much of a leftist at all, in fact

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