this is about the 70gb leak of gab user data. i understand the need to maintain an air of respectability, but this is the most fucking toothless 'the nation needs to heal' liberal thing. why the fuck are you so concerned with protecting the privacy of neo-nazis? what're you afraid, that this will create an environment where people no longer feel secure using nazi websites for nazis to do nazi things on? foh

'in a simpler or more ordinary time, it’d be an important sociological resource'

people are dying denize

'in 2021, it’s also a record of the culture and the exact statements surrounding not only an increase in extremist views and actions, but an attempted coup'

the culture is fascism, and the government they were staging the world's most inept coup attempt at operates concentration camps. hope this helps!

i really hope the hacker(s) who did this didn't leave it at handing the data to these weak fucks

@esvrld man it owuld suck if this gorup were to suffer a hack themselves,

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet the future of information warfare is a leftward flow of information from one end of the political spectrum to another thru successive hacks

@Mainebot ultimately i'd release it, fully and freely. i can't say i wouldn't try to get money out of it first tho, thru extortion or darknet auctions or whatever

@esvrld oh sure, of course. But I more meant like where would you release it. Most anyplace with the audience to leverage it for actual change is laughably unwilling to actually do journalism on it.

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