the reason i haven't posted for a week is i've been admiring this art of thanos and papa smurf making out. i consider it to constitute a true wonder in the eyes of god, and would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for @extinct for making it, for for financing the operation like the absolute king he is, and @JohnBrownJr for coming up with the idea

@esvrld @badboy69 @JohnBrownJr this was truly a community effort from the fedi and i'm proud to have been part of it

@esvrld @extinct @badboy69 @JohnBrownJr the time has come, for us all to see what we really want to happen between Papa Smurf and Thanos

@esvrld @extinct @badboy69 @JohnBrownJr I just want you to know I did a tarot reading to see if you were still alive and what you were getting up to and it gave me Knight of Cups, 7 of Cups/Debauch, and The Universe, so this confirms for me that this deck is perfectly accurate and precise. I want to thank you for helping me calibrate this deck, that helps a lot actually

@esvrld @extinct @badboy69 @JohnBrownJr im not saying i WANT to see the "happy ending" but i do feel this needs a finale

@esvrld @extinct @badboy69 @JohnBrownJr i think it is both hilarious and utterly Correct that, despite different hands and minds conceiving of, paying for, and executing this work, it is nevertheless understood on some fundamental level to be "the esvrld commission"

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