always surprised to discover people unaware that 'degenerate' is a nazi word

we talk about cryptofascism a lot but this shit is really fucking pervasive. people see Keklord14 throwing words around and go 'huh. that's a neat addition to my vocabulary'


when i say 'nazi word' i mean it completely literally. 'degeneracy' is a nazi concept. you might as well be using triple parentheses

one of the core characteristics of fascism is an organistic, darwinist view of history, where nations and races (taken uncritically as actually existing entities and not ideological constructs) are necessarily in competition, and need to dominate each other to maintain themselves. 'degeneracy' is when a nation or race fails to maintain its 'vitality' or 'purity'; this could be race mixing or cultural infiltration (as in the nazis' opposition to 'degenerate art')

this ties into the broader ur-fascist concern with returning to a(n imaginary) 'golden age', and originates from the combination of an outdated theory of evolution, where it was supposed that as species evolve, their traits become more and more exaggerated until finally becoming unviable (so an animal with horns would evolve bigger and bigger horns until it went extinct, due to having too large horns)—

—and a cyclical theory of history, invented to explain the fall of the roman empire, where empires eventually become 'too civilised' and 'decadent' and are overrun by 'barbarians', who then found their own empire. both of these ideas are ofc completely false, but have a lot of currency even today. these are the ideologies underlying for example a lot of islamophobia and anti-immigration rhetoric, as well as fascist talking points about 'postmodernism' 'ruining culture'

anyway consider where the words you use come from, muy lord

@esvrld wait is triple parentheses also a fascist thing

@becquerel @esvrld yes, but I kind of like it because it makes it really obvious that what you're reading is an anti-semitic dogwhistle. So it's more of an air horn really

@esvrld I mean I haven't seen any triple parentheses around, probably because I think I've stuck to pretty well moderated areas for the most part, but I probably would have assumed it was for emphasizing a parenthetical as a parenthetical - which is how I /have/ seen /double/ parentheses used

@becquerel yea neo-nazis put triple parentheses (((like this))) around the names of people they think are jewish

non-jewish twitter liberals sometimes put the parentheses around their own names as a really performative show of 'support'

@esvrld That's a yikes from me
Thank you for taking the time to explain!

@esvrld @becquerel and here i was naive enough to assume it was only jewish people doing it to say "yeah i'm jewish fuck you what are you gonna about it" at bigots and that non-jewish people wouldn't be... i-don't-even-know-what-adjective-to-use enough to do it too

@esvrld @becquerel

> non-jewish twitter liberals sometimes put the parentheses around their own names as a really performative show of 'support'

I had assumed that these were actual jews trolling … *sigh*

@becquerel @esvrld

FYI, some Jewish people have started using the triple parentheses as a sort of reappropriation of anti-Semitic rhetoric.

@esvrld recently saw a fun case of a zionist calling jews who don't unconditionally support palestinian genocide degenerates

real "someone does not realize how deep the water is" moment

@esvrld thanks for pointing that out! I actually hadn't made the connection that "degenerate" is just the English translation of "entartet" (I'm a native German speaker)

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