can't believe they're finally letting t***** and f***** kill brown people again!! 😊


every time the rights of such and such a minority come up, their military service is brought up? why? because marginalised groups are intrinsically suspect to white supremacy; participating in imperialist wars is means of proving their fundamental allegiance to it. america, a settler colony, predicates citizenship, in fact humanity, on willingness to do genocide

not ofc that even this is worth much; the lives of veterans mean absolutely nothing to the system, and no matter how many queer or muslim or w/e people make themselves into accessories to war crimes they will remain oppressed. the very requirement of proving your loyalty to the american project ensures that it's always up to question

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banning trans people from the military is troublesome insofar as, in an incredibly deeply militarised society, it further licences transmisia. but i have an extremely hard time being excited about the ban being lifted

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