i'm trying very hard to be anti-racist, but occasionally i will relapse and say slurs 🤗 please be patient with me uwu

liberals tend to talk about racism like it's a personality flaw — like 'they just need to be shown kindness :)) then they will stop perpetuating systematic oppression :)))' — and i think a subset of white leftists talk about it like you'd talk about neurodivergence: 'i don't like making eye contact', 'i will occasionally make loud noises or repeat words', 'sometimes i will claim blackface isn't racist'. and frankly i think that's worse

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worse b/c it obscures the actual character of racism as a social institution, unloads the work to bipoc around you by requiring them to 'be patient' instead of you not acting racist in the first place & lays the ground for blaming them if they aren't accommodating enough (we've seen this happen any number of times on here), and pathologises racism

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if you feel the need to lay a disclaimer about how you're 'still unlearning white supremacy' or whatever, maybe just don't go near bipoc people? if you apparently can't trust yourself not to turn into margaret thatcher?

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@esvrld tempted to farcically ask to tag this racism meta but also know i cannot parody the kinds of people that would do this effectively

@esvrld if they do it as deliberate trolling, still, fuck them

rape mention 

@esvrld this is like how eventually I got fed up and started telling cis guys “you should carry a rape whistle when you go out and if you think you might rape someone, blow the whistle so your friends can stop you”

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