black people can't even hold a vigil without being fired at & white fascists can just waltz right into the capitol; that's because the latter don't present a fundamental threat to capitalism or white supremacy

the chuds storming the capitol are not organised, they are not equipped (like they are in there in sweatpants and maga merchs), they have no plan, and would be too incompetent to carry it out even if they had

it's the same at every single street protest: the fascists come unprepared, ill-organised, and generally incredibly fucking weak, but they are protected by an army of cops and have the entire weight of the establishment behind them

comparing the capitol chuds favourably to the left completely elides all of this. obviously leftists haven't stormed the capitol yet — that's because it's much harder to do that when you aren't in power. it's just not the same game at all

and we're just out of the largest mass protests in the history of the united states. saying 'why hasn't the left done this' just seems incredibly disrespectful to everyone who fought, bled, and died fighting against these people and people identical to them the past year

anyway fascists making a mess of the seat of legislative power is hardly a sign of a well-oiled oppression machine. i think this should be taken as a display of weakness, of irreparable and intensifying conflicts within the capitalist and white supremacist structures in and out of government, not of strength

@esvrld thanks for this thread. It's thoughtful and leaves me feeling inspired

@esvrld I take some comfort in that, but failed coups are the leading cause of successful ones

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