anglos think a language having no gendered pronouns is some kind of a mind-blowing revelation instead of the standard for the vast majority of languages


a native english speaker writing a scifi novel: this alien species has no gendered pronouns at all!! imagine that

me: yea... imagine...

@esvrld "Gender distinctions in third-person non-singular only" hello ladies

@esvrld It's a weirdly widespread feature for such a rare one; normally rare features like that cluster into a few language families rather than being spread throughout the whole world.

@esvrld meanwhile I’m sitting here with my fantasy world where dwarves have gendered pronouns only for pregnant women, elves have hierarchical pronouns, orcs use gendered pronouns as a sign of familiarity, and humans have three grammatical genders - masculine, feminine, and horse.

@esvrld ah the classic scifi trope of Whole-Ass Species Speaks One Single Unified Language

@esvrld lmao immediately thinking of an episode in the original Star Trek where they say that having binary genders exclusively is a universal concept despite the fact that it isn’t even universal on our own planet

@esvrld tbh a lot of sci-fi with aliens are just boring because they're just modified humans and something barely modified earth species.

Like come on, catgirls aren't sci-fi, it's folklore. *gets reminded that USA outside of natives have none* Ah, that explains a lot.

@eletrotupi @esvrld I don't know if it's even listed, but if it is, Brazilian Portuguese is listed as having gendered pronouns in the third person singular only. Isn't that accurate? We have gendered nouns, adjectives, verbs and numerals. It's... weird.

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