i think the word 'theory' should be taken away until you lot can be trusted not to mystify it


when you say things like 'theory is too difficult' or 'you can understand things without reading theory' or w/e, i have absolutely no idea what you imagine 'theory' means and i doubt you have, either

it's literally just a word for knowledge. you talk about it like fantasy side characters talk about a form of black magic that won't be fully explained until book 3

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and like. you get that you're the only people who insist on treating 'words that have been invented to talk about things better' as a special concept only the Chosen Ones can possibly comprehend, right? like substitute 'knowing things' for 'theory' and see if your sentence still means what you thought it means

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'read theory' is also a completely meaningless sentiment. 'read words'. like ok, sure. i'll get right on that

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