this talks marxism but i think it's applicable to the entire swathe of western communism

@esvrld I cannot find it again but I remember someone describing the orientation of much of the westerm left as "pro-struggle, anti-victory", and I can't help but think about it in terms of that as well. it's about the posture, with no real hope of seizing any real power, which would be bad anyway because governing is messy and would ruin the purity

@esvrld I strongly agree with this, but honestly would go even further. they state here that western Marxists have never had a revolution, which is factually false there were several lead by or in part fought by Marxists in the years 1916-1936. however, that's not some aha, western Marxism is the true and untarnished even in material terms, because those material revolutions all fucking failed, and in that failure you get this romanticisation and a myth of these great events that could have been. and I think that romanticism further prevents any type of reexamining of ideas, as most western leftists, to include anarchists here too, are stuck always looking back at what *was* and what *could* have been

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