there is nothing quite like the thrill of telling a native english speaker upset about pronouns that shakespeare used singular they

if you're feeling cruel, end it with 'but evidently you feel you have a better command of the english language'

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this might seem twee, and it is, but you have to understand, these are the kind of people who have built their entire egos on the bedrock of using 'proper english'. it's like when you hit the boss's weak spot and it explodes

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@esvrld Chaucer used singular they in the Canterbury Tales. singular they predates the modern English language

@esvrld i usually go with chaucer but yeah it's a fantastic mood

@esvrld @garbados Animal Crossing uses singular they, and that should be good enough for anyone.

@esvrld And more recently, Virginia Woolf used it in Orlando (to those who might answer that we no longer speak the same way as Shakespeare), another literary classic.

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