@EstradiolWarrior bleach literally had jewish people as the final antagonist. it's clearly the fash one

@esvrld bleach's final arc is about the struggle to destroy the current system and create something new that works for everybody. dbz is about how you don't matter unless you have The Blood

@EstradiolWarrior all dbz villains are like real estate developers or former ss scientists. aizen's greatest crime is allying with the hollows, who exist in the first place b/c of soul society's failures

@esvrld bleach is, at its worst, liberal status quo. dragon ball z is not only about preserving the status quo but constantly reinforcing it through careful management of The Bloodline.
the good guys are literally Aryan wet dreams if we're going aesthetics

@EstradiolWarrior goku is a lower class saiyan and he converts the prince of all saiyans to his side! it's clearly a repudiation of aristocracy of birth

@esvrld The only relevant characters are Ubermenschist superbeings, despite its best efforts to repudiate class society it still reinforces the idea that some are destined for greatness from birth by virtue of their genes!

@EstradiolWarrior everyone in dragonball who's really powerful is powerful by virtue of training, and every time someone loses, it's because they didn't train hard enough

@esvrld goku lost to vegeta in spite of his training on King Kai's planet because vegeta is an elite-class saiyan

@EstradiolWarrior @esvrld It's really fucked up how I'm only know reading this incredible thread.

@EstradiolWarrior everyone's powers in bleach come from superior genetic material. dbz transformations come from realising a higher level of class consciousness

@esvrld lol I’m definitely “left” from my past otaku tendencies...

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