i will say it now and i will say it again, louder each time: the fear about 'chinese data gathering' or whatever is nothing but resuscitated yellow peril

we're moving towards — in some ways already are in — a multi-polar world where the us can no longer pretend to be the sole superpower like they could for a spot in the 90s and 00s, and the foreign policy establishment is going into a panic mode spiral over it

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every story about 'russian hacking' or 'chinese spyware' is because they're afraid — afraid because the empire must imagine that all of its rivals — that is, everyone who could potentially rival it, if they wanted to — would also like to be the empire, given the chance. that russia and china's foreign policy is nothing like the us's & won't be is irrelevant

when you see the entire world as a game of domination, then another nation trying to assert the least bit of power over its sphere of influence seems like an existential threat

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@esvrld I like this article by Darius Kazemi that is a little bit of a dive into the parallels between the “red scare” and the current climate around “Russian bots” tinysubversions.com/notes/the-

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