just so everyone is aware, husky, the pleroma/mastodon app for android, was originally forked from tusky to make it possible to browse gab again, something tusky had made impossible. whatever nice features it has added since then, i would ask you to consider if using the nazi app made for browsing the nazi website by nazis is something you want to do

eagerly awaiting HimmlerFan88 to plop into my mentions going 'oh,, you call me a nazi, then??!!' yes, i do, in fact, my guy

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@esvrld tusky should just steal the worthwhile features back. really want to see them explode when that happens

@flussence @snailerotica @esvrld the new features are pleroma specific so there's really no reason for someone on a mastodon instance to use husky besides fashy reasons. Mastodon doesn't have emoji reactions or instance stickers etc. so support for those features wouldn't do anything for a mastodon user.

@snailerotica @flussence @esvrld I don't remember the features themselves, but I do remember someone at some point mentioning that husky had features that tusky didn't.

@ari @snailerotica @flussence @esvrld it was some handwavey statement like "oh it's better with this specific configuration of pleroma" or something

@esvrld they probably haven't even fixed the scrolling sensitivity bug in tusky smh smh

@esvrld FreeTusky does the same thing, remember looking it up cause it looked shady and unclear about the differences from the real Tusky

@keeri @esvrld it hasn't been updated in at least a year so I wouldn't worry too much about it

@esvrld Censorship imposed by an external source is probably not why people are using the fediverse. Nazis suck. Hard coded censorship sucks. Not nearly as much as nazis, but still...

@crow @esvrld it's not really censorship when it says right in the source code what it's not letting you access and you can just... comment it out

@soy_milk @esvrld How many android users can compile an apk though? The vast majority of users aren't technical.

@crow @esvrld that's why there's forks on f-droid that you will get laughed at for using

@crow @esvrld if nazis suck more than censorship of them, doesn't that make using the app that censors them better than using the app that enables them?

@nixnull @esvrld <Insert vaguely appropriate
straw man argument here>

@esvrld @crow imagine coming to this thread and writing the words "censoring nazis is bad" and then hitting send

@crow @esvrld it's like im watching a failed speech skill check unfold in real time

@crow @esvrld devs saying no thanks to nazis? bro thats censoredship, app devs should work for free and to my specifications god

@chillallmen @esvrld "a toejam-eating pedophile says if you don't let nazis use your software that means *you* are the real nazi" is a fuck of a take

@crow @esvrld I can only see two statuses of yours here on snouts, one of them is this post and the other one is you being fucking vile in Dankwraith's replies. I normally don't even see shit like this, because the snouts admins are good enough to just defed from the vast bulk of sites full of this garbage. I can only conclude that in fact hard coded censorship rules. I would even say it "slaps." Hard-coded censorship is an absolute banger. I love hard-coded censorship, I want more of it.

@crow Not wanting to give Nazis tools to do Nazism is not censorship. Censorship is when the government is preventing you for sharing an opinion.
Nazis who want to use Gab can still do it. The dev of Tusky just said “Don’t use my work for that.”.


@esvrld if it's made real improvements, someone should fork it back and re-add the gab block

@esvrld physically overhearing and intercepting network traffic from a white supremacist likely saved me from more serious harm in an abusive household a few years ago. By this logic I should have kept listening to the mutual "friend" and roommate who lied to me about it.

I don't trust the Husky devs but I *certainly* don't trust anyone actively hiding Nazi comms to have my back as soon as whether or not I can see them becomes a question of personal safety.
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