i mentioned the whole sun = Archetypal Masculine, moon = Eternal Feminine thing previously. turns out, no that's basically just the greeks and the romans. in europe, just about every other mythology (germanic, slavic, etc) has them the other way around, and outside europe, all the different possible gender configurations occur more or less equiprobably

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i'd respect neopaganism more if more of them made an effort to actually analyse and synthesise the rich wellsprings of tradition and imagery they draw from instead of latching into the first lazy surface level gloss that confirms their shitty unexamined ideology they can find & running with it. you don't need to be reconstructivist — in fact i'd argue trying to 'go back' to some ancestral form kills the mythology rather than resuscitating it — but like. have a proper fucking go at it at least

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if 'all gods are one God, whom has a Cock, and all goddesses are one Goddess, whom has Pussey :))' or whatever seems empowering to you, that's fine, you're allowed to do what works for you, but to me, it appears colossally impoverished

and there are so many queer, neurodivergent, and otherwise marginalised witches and pagans just stuck in this 'karen flipped thru a self-help book on jung' ass cage

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invent your own deities and make them real. get hopped on psychedelics, dance til you fall down, and ask whatever comes to see you for directions. scream nonsense at the sky until something answers & then that's its name. start walking in a random direction and make wherever you end up a shrine. invoke, invoke, invoke. anything can be your god & nothing has to

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I did this in college

It fucked me up but it was a valuable experience

Careful not to do it around people you would like to eventually employ you

@enkiv2 @esvrld

i'm glad i had the privilege to go all out and not permanently fuck up my life

some of the experience was useful, some maybe not as much. all of it was transformative

i've since come back to practice with more discipline, study, grounding, and wayyy fewer drugs, but with a similar level of flexibility

man, i've chased a lot of bullshit, though. much of it a product of the aforementioned colonial & postcolonial appropriation and revisionism

@esvrld this sounds like a lost of verse of Amy Aka Spent Gladiator #1


all this shit is exactly why I prefer demons, because they all are genderfluid and have 5 different potential forms and/or names

@esvrld weird, i wonder if there's a reason why trying to find a singular, pan-european cultural heritage always ends up back at white supremacism. it really feels like *something* must have happened to make it like this

Curious if you've seen any research into geographic patterns for this?

@pettter i haven't. i'd be very interested in it if such exists

@esvrld The sun and the moon are non-binary lesbians in a polycule with Earth.

@esvrld I've rambled about this before but the moon is trans and people can fite me over it :)

More seriously yes I basically agree with this whole thread.

@esvrld i love my fellow witches but i will never understand why so many of them choose to worship the greek pantheon. like, did yall just read percy jackson as a kid and now those are the only gods you know?

@esvrld thank you for putting into words what i've been annoyed about lately

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