@esvrld I had no clue until I saw posts about it, my instance was fine. :3

Me: A short-legged bearded DNS-Op laughing.

Harrrrr harrrrr harrrrrr.

@esvrld Even closer to home than Cloudflare: a lot of instances are hosted by Mastohost, which is a *checks notes* centralized service for hosting decentralised instances.

@eishiya@mastodon.art @esvrld@octodon.social other things i think about:

- the vast majority of fediverse servers putting their media on amazon cloud services
- the vast majority of fediverse servers using the same server company (digitalocean, i think)

@esvrld BGP failures on the scale of the two Cloudflare has had are able to take down anything on the internet, even if those things don't touch Cloudflare hardware at all.

Imagine a whale falling on your house. It doesn't matter whether you locked the doors. Whale's coming in.

@esvrld Y'know what just replace this post with "Imagine a whale falling on your house... AND EXPLODING"

@esvrld and there’s a lot of instances on few hosting services. Like a lot of french instances are on OVH’s servers.

It’s funny when there’s an OVH outage 😄


Id appreciate it if people stopped boosting this cus I want to boost it again everytime I see it but I already boosted it so I cant

why not use distributed dns within your distributed network?

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