do you lick your knives

@esvrld why can't i lick them for both sexual and non-sexual reasons

@Thib vote sexual reasons if at least one of the reasons is sexual. vote non-sexual reasons if none of them are

@esvrld Oh fuck, I'd be prone to a minor panic attack if someone licked a sharp knife in front of me. Don't do that! It's sharp! It will bite you! Aaaa!

@esvrld im comforted by how many other people also nonsexually lick their knives. i know im gonna cut my tongue one day but i do it anyway

@esvrld didn't vote because there's no "no (aaaaaaaa)" option


@esvrld is this the knife i eat with or the knife i stab people with

@esvrld especially after buttering hazelnut spread on toast

i love that shit, gotta gobble up all the leftovers on the knife,,,

@esvrld what if I don't lick the blade, but I'm explicitly not licking it for sexual reasons

CHINA: Knives are not used at the dining table because their presence may break harmony. This is because they traditionally have connotations of violence, making them inappropriate for social gatherings.

WESTERNERS: lol imma lick it

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