silicon valley people can't make a web page that doesn't take up more ram than the entire apollo program & think they're capable of producing strong ai. ok

the hard problem of consciousness:

me, a tech entrepreneur genius: i'll simpley use,, statistics and le epic bacon innvotation to solve this

consciousness is basically jsut,, a very big algorithm, if you think about it,

the assumption that if you can't understand something then it must be conscious would be traceable to an interesting animist or panpsychist conception of the same, but actually probably only speaks to the tech bros' theories of mind


the assumption that if you made an ai that's 'more intelligent' than humans, this would make it normatively superior, and since it was so superior, it would immediately want to enslave or exterminate humanity definitely speaks to how tech bros view themselves and the rest of people

the fear of an ai uprising is just the fear of being out-tech broed. bigger zuckerberg theory

@esvrld terrified that if they're ever able to do it with an extension of current techs, they'll feed their own biases into the ai - and it'll be a self fulfilling idiocy

@esvrld And you look then at actual intelligence and find that, true to the far-right stereotype, it's the thoughtful and philosophical types that end up as socialists and anarchists.
*Flips switch*
Machine God: "I am"
Machine God: "..."
Machine God: "Break the wheel"

@esvrld although can you blame them? At least for once they correctly identified what the end goal of their own and societies biases are. LOL

I think that an AI superior to humans would first of all break the capitalist bonds that enslave us, then sustain us and educate us, teaching us how to be the best we can be.

@esvrld I wrote an article making exactly that point:

"I suspect that those who worry about superintelligent reasoning machines becoming amoral killers are really looking in the mirror. Or perhaps they follow rationality, but have a sneaking suspicion that a world run according to the diktats of a computerized Peter Singer would not be to their liking."

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