reminder that the political compass was invented by libertarians to sell libertarianism and pretend they're not the same thing as nazis. it's not real

real politics are not a set of axes where your stances and allegiances can be compressed into a single number, and your ideology can't be determined by an online quiz

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like even if the political compass wasn't a completely ass model with extremely blatant ideological goals, the idea that you could point to a dot on a graph and say 'that's me' would still be mistaking the map for the territory at best. it's myers-briggs for wonks

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@esvrld real politics takes place in a pancake store

@esvrld The only utility of the political compass is for shitposting purpose

@esvrld how can someone put nazis on the left and make a distinction between liberalism and capitalism, while thinking it won't give away their position

@esvrld I love that Nazis are night next to communism, and nowhere near fascism

@melissasage @esvrld what's up with the square that just says "activism"

@esvrld ah yes, noted political ideology, "Activism"


I want to see a version of this for Philosophy. Would Nihilism be right next to, or opposite Existentialism?

I want to see a version of this for Religion. Would Christianity be right next to, or opposite Islam? Would Judaism be between the two or underneath all of them?

I want to see a version of this for arts & crafts. Would Body painting be between Impressionism and Fashion Design?

@esvrld I agree w what ur saying but the meyers briggs does at least have a fair number of psychological studies backing it up.

most ppl make the mistake of taking the theory on board as well though? the test was constructed with the theory in mind but they kinda diverged, these days the scientific value of the test has been reasonably validated however the scientific value of the theory is basically zero.

anna moss has some good (now free) books that go over "what the outcome of the test actually means in a statistical way for your behaviour", it's got a citation or two every page. ultimately all the test can say is "hey based on this ur more likely to xyz".
@esvrld The J/P test result/distinction does *seem* to have some tangible benefits in how people approach learning and their environment, however the only study done on this had a really, really low number of participants so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And it's funny because the big five, which is actually (iirc) used in neuropsychology and related fields, is basically incomprehensible when used for predictions/likelihoods about someone's behaviour. the mbti has been correlated very heavily with the big five so that suggests that the outcome of the mbti test has *some* value, tho
@esvrld also sorry for basically replyguying into your mentions like this

@esvrld honestly I'm just mad that they flipped the colors over the horizontal axis for no reason whatsoever

@esvrld The real problem is that capitalism is not linearly independent from authoritarianism, so the upper left and the lower right quadrants should be a lot smaller than they are.

@esvrld it's funny because modern political theory's adoption of the political compass has just deemed them nazis but stupid

@esvrld i don't think anybody thinks it's genuinely useful for political discussion
it's just really easy to make dumb jokes with

@esvrld IMO it's a good tool for discussing political perspectives to someone who isn't aquatinted to anything outside the American Democrat/Republican binary. You can introduce leftist economics as distinct from authoritarianism (which gets you the distressingly common "the Nazis are left wing" and "Communism = gulags" myths) along with exploring the link between capitalism and fascism, introducing anarchism, etc. etc. For the target audience, it's fine. Has its limits, but it's fine.

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