@esvrld Micky Mouse is historically notable for being harmful to everyone and nothing else

@esvrld would be pretty cool if somehow it actually entered public domain in three years, a sweet wave of creative chaos would ensue

@esvrld I love how in 1980 and the year 2000, the copyright duration coincidentally changes exactly at the moment where Mickey Mouse would become public domain.

Land of the free, amirite

@esvrld Copyright could easily be fixed by one simple, self-correcting change.

Have you made tangibles or intangibles off it in the past X years?

It doesn't matter what X is, though it should top out at 20. If you can't show you made a single cent off something directly or indirectly, it's someone else's turn.

Q: What about Final Fantasy? Each game is different.
A: Brand protection. Make FF to protect FF.

Q: What about Mickey Mouse?
A: Mascots sell the brand.

Q: NES games?

@esvrld A: Nintendo has one of the largest back libraries in the business and only ever sells the same 3 games digitally. If they can't provide them on their own, they have no right to bitch about ROM sites.

Q: What if no one buys from a franchise in X years?
A: You either have 100% market saturation or it's bad enough that not one person out of millions worldwide wants it. Maybe it's time for a sequel or for someone else to take a crack at it depending on which.

@esvrld I do find it odd that Empire Strikes Back will enter the public domain before A New Hope does. It just goes to show that law is sold on certainty, but often delivers perversity.

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