caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are legal while (by any metric less dangerous and less addictive) psychedelics aren't because the latter can't be put to serve capitalist production as easily

and supposedly illegal drugs like cocaine and amphetamine especially are functionally legal, just as long as you're rich and white

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drug legislation ­— legislating what chemicals you're allowed to have in your brain — is fundamentally about legislating bodies, and, as always, in particular legislating non-normative — non-cis, non-white, non-able — bodies

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this is not speculative: for an easy example, the main reason cannabis is illegal in the us is because it's used as a way of getting to black people — it's one of the main legal pretexes for the systematic use of black people as slave labour in the us prison system. that it also forces a lot of people in chronic pain to rely on expensive pharmaceuticals is an added bonus

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and the fundamental reason entheogens — dmt, psilocybin, mescaline, lsd — are illegal — is that capitalism wants you to be stuck in the mindset, the reality tunnel it imposes on you, wants you to be in pain, wants you unable to conceive of any alternate reality. anything that might even conceivably give you that (and i don't want to over-romantisice entheogens here. ultimately you get no more than you bring) is a threat

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again the racial dimension: dmt, psilocybin, and mescaline are illegal because they are used by indigenous peoples and lsd was made illegal because it was feared it would cause 'youth unrest', which of course is code for 'it might make the blacks uppity'

white techbros dropping ayahuasca is allowed because as long as they come at it from the angle of 'this will make me a more effective coloniser' it'll only make them more insufferable

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then there's the other kind of drug policy, where a drug is forced on the marginalised, as in pushing crack to black neighbourhoods or drug companies creating the opioid epidemic, and this is used as justification for 'tough on crime' (which is to say, 'tough on minorities') policies

laws create criminals — bodies which legitimised force can be applied against — and the function of drug laws is the creation of addicts

the point i'm making is not that there're 'good', anti-colonial drugs and 'bad', capitalist drugs, but rather that certain drugs are forced on us and others kept from us for the purpose of denying us agency over our brain chemistries and as a vector for other modes of oppression, in particular, racism

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in conclusion, remember that drugs are cool and you should take them always, but only with proper set and setting

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@esvrld don't forget that Kissinger straight up admitted the War on Drugs exists for the political gain of the Republican party, and he explicitly said that "we couldn't outlaw being black."

@esvrld i imagine a lot of the flack against drugs is just raegan era nad probably even before that war on drugs but how about the thing you hear about addiciton and wanting to only chase that first high that you'll never get again???

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