what happened to the elon musk ipod submarine anyway. did they just leave it there

@CobaltVelvet on account of the size mostly. it's like the submarine equivalent of an ipod

@esvrld @CobaltVelvet this is amazing, it's like A Fake Artist Goes To New York but Anticapitalist

@jacethechicken @esvrld @CobaltVelvet im trying to figure out the second phase, like does the group get to talk amongst themselves and then have to collectively choose who they think elon? and then if they have chosen correctly the person playing Elon has one chance to guess the problem correctly?

@jacethechicken @esvrld @CobaltVelvet yeah, i guess you go with house rules at that point on how you vote etc.

@mxsiege @esvrld @CobaltVelvet I typically play Fake Artist with a 2 minute timer for people to argue their case for who to vote for

@esvrld @CobaltVelvet How did I not realize until now that he was CEO of the Boring Company?

This sounds quite fun, but I recognise the concept from somewhere?

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