i would simply, not internalise surrounding social mores


one of the ways capitalism tricks us into complicity in our oppression is thru the idea that we are solely responsible for the contents of our minds, which our dominant vulgar cartesianism imagines as causally isolated islands inaccessible from the outside. social structures are neither 'out there' nor 'in here': it's both, and there's no border between

(i talk about cartesianism because that's the most convenient reference point, and because i personally firmly believe descartes was a big time bitch, but this concept of mind isn't unique to him)

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so for example in reference to gender, trans people get asked, and ask themselves, if they can't simply be gnc, if they aren't affirming gender oppression by wishing to present as certain gender, if their dysphoria wouldn't disappear if they simply didn't believe in gender, etc. beyond the bullshit assumptions built into these questions, they all make the same mistake of imagining our minds as completely internal and society as completely external to us

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as a matter of fact, speculating if and how dysphoric so-and-so would feel in a hypothetical post-gender society is both useless, because that's not the society we live in, and meaningless, because you can't simply scoop up a person and insert them in a different societal fabric like that

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i use transness as an example, but this goes for a lot of things

the form of the fundamental trick here is this: (1) you are solely responsible for the contents of your mind. (2) you feel bad. (3) therefore, feeling bad is your fault

(1) is obviously false — we don't even know the contents of our mind most of the time, let alone being able to change them at will — but it's so ingrained it's very easy to pass by us without us really noticing

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an arhat has completely purged all the seeds of karma in their consciousness and freed themselves from all delusion — but most of us aren't arhats, aren't going to be arhats anytime soon, and 'simply, become an arhat' isn't a workable solution to real suffering real people are experiencing in the present

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going back to the bit about the impossibility of scooping persons into different societies: maybe your specific feeling bad — dysphoria, anxiety, whatever — would go away in a different type of society, maybe not, but you can't, in practice, disentangle yourself from the current one by an act of will alone, and you won't know until we've destroyed current society. don't let yourself be distracted from this even by yourself

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