we talk a lot about historians burying their gays but i've met people who were surprised to learn from an off-handed mention that wittgenstein was gay. like


the war on queer history is constant and ongoing. from the moment you're born there's a cishet following you with an eraser

every one of us goes thru a phase, or multiple phases, of thinking we're the only one like us in the entire world. how many people don't make it thru that, and how deeply the ones who do are scarred by it. every single trutrans and biphobic gay and w/e else can be traced back to being unable to cope with the intense othering of being robbed of your roots, of your history & resolving that by turning into an agent of heteronormativity

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and it's not that they try to assimilate us, it's that they try to make us internalise our oppression, make us erase ourselves and accept the patriarchy's — which requires an internal enemy to constantly stomp on to keep existing — evaluation of us. this is violence for the continuation of violence. it's to prevent us from having words to describe it and from having a flag to rally behind

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@esvrld where's the "sappho with friends" image?

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