reading an article which claims one of the reasons no fantasy series since has had the impact of the lord of the rings is because compared to them, lotr is more accessible due to its shorter length; and like, if fucking lord of the rings is 'short' and 'accessible', that alone is a stunning condemnation of the entire fantasy genre

anyway the real reason no post-lotr series has had its impact is because the genre as it exists established itself by retracing tolkien's synthesis of germanic sagas and catholicism — nothing that doesn't break that mould can have an impact greater than the original, and anything that does will fall outside the commercially viable genre boundaries

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lotr came out at precisely the right time and while it had its forebears — dunsany and the sword and sorcery genre — it fused them in precisely the right way. if you're writing something that's recognisable as 'fantasy' you're either copying tolkien or repudiating him

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as i see it, the monolith of the fantasy genre needs to be dissolved, and this has to happen from the outside, not inside. even something like china miéville's bas-lag (which i adore) is still bit in its shadow. we need to create a new brand of weirdness that impinges on fantasy but does not have its identifying marks

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@esvrld see: Harry Potter, which has now had a far greater impact than Lord of the Rings but instead of being classed as fantasy (despite the fact that the main character is a fucking wizard) it instead just led to the development of the new genre of "Young Adult"

@oakreef i'd dispute that harry potter has had more impact than lotr. for most of fiction that features them, wizards still have staves, not wands

@esvrld I think that's not really a good criteria to judge it but that just means it's had little impact on the fantasy genre, because it made new genres instead. Also didn't they use wands in Wizards of Waverly Place?

@esvrld there are LONGER fantasy novels than lotr?? 😨

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