if i was a landlord whose tenants had organised a rent strike, i'd simply learn to code

@esvrld maybe cut back on the starbucks coffees and avocado toast even. you'd think these landlords would have learned this by now.

@djsundog @esvrld I'm sure there are plenty of jobs in the classifieds they could do in the mean time.

@craigmaloney @djsundog @esvrld I heard Amazon and Wal-Mart are hiring thousands of people these days. If landlords are having a hard time getting a job they are just lazy.

@esvrld Don't they have bootstraps to pull themselves up with?

@Catpult @esvrld sadly they rented all of them out and now the people who wear those boots to work are striking

@esvrld i wish i could needle the landlord class with ripostes like this but alas i never learned to goad

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