thinking about how a certain brand of post-theosophist ufo cultist think there are additional, hidden strands to dna that will activate come the appointed moment and bring humanity to a new level of consciousness


funny, sure, but what it really shows how the way we tend to think & talk about dna — things being or not being 'in your genes' or w/e — already is quasi-mystical

post-new age movements are for the most part scams, but the lines along which they develop their doctrines aren't accidental — what they do is make more explicit what is already present in the secular religion

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if they were actually aberrant, they wouldn't spread so readily, and their doctrines wouldn't remain so homogeneous. all the talk about crossing the galactic plane and ascending into christ-consciousness in the fifth light dimension or w/e makes sense because after a fashion, most of us already believe its underpinnings. all the genuinely radical elements of theosophy and new age have been leeched away, and what remains is this sort of a spiritual diet coke — tastes like sugar but has none

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