how to craft an insult 

- take something basic ('u smell')
- make it personal ('u smell because you never learned to wipe your ass')
- elaborate ('your ass smells like something that a special dumping site for things that smell bad gave birth to out of its ass 9 months after fucking the exxon valdez spill raw')
- imply you have insider knowledge ('i know this because i was at your mother's place last night. we didn't even fuck, just talked about your abysmal personal hygiene for 3 hours')
- make it more uncomfortable ('anyway i left a sock there...')
- suggest exactly what they could do ('...and if you see it, could you pull it over your head and exile yourself to the sewers to live with the rest of the smellyass shitbabies')
- add that condescending touch ('hope this helps!')


how to craft an insult 

once you have the formula down, you can basically fire these off on autopilot

always remember:
- the weirder it is, the harder it is to respond to
- make them invest. ideally you want your target to be halfway thru it before they even realise they're being insulted
- if you think it might be too subtle, tell them so. adding insult to insult is always worth it
- you're not doing it just for the recipient, but for everyone else who might be listening. anyone can make someone feel bad; true skill lies in truly flattening them in others' eyes. you want this shit to be in their obituary

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