people have expressed confusion about this, so to explain, at various stages i've met people who, bizarrely, do not know who some of the featured artists are. this chart is meant to help you navigate them

@esvrld I only boosted this because grimes is in the lower right, and she’s the only one I recognize

@esvrld Well I recognize Carly Rae jephson and Lana del ray by name but idk who they are

@esvrld Interesting... May have to learn more about this barnett character

@jordyd if you don't know who grimes is, you can imagine a libertarian lana del rey. or if you don't know who courtney barnett is, you can imagine an ancom grimes. etc

@jordyd lana del rey did 'summertime sadness', which you are virtually guaranteed to have heard

@Laser this mf said 'indent this toy wife' and deleted lmao

@Laser no yea it's alright i'm not trying to pick on you

@esvrld where do i find that supposedly very good review of grimes' latest album?

@esvrld holy shit... i never really bought the lana bit of this post (bc i barely knew anything about her) so to me this is basically prophetic

@esvrld I just don't think the two on the right are in the same camp as the two on the left

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