re: the necessity of work in a post-capitalist society, i think it's important to note there's a huge difference between labour and work and between 'having' to do something because it's necessary or because it's good for your quality of life, and 'having' to do something because your capitalist overlords will starve you otherwise

there's this almost fetishistic view on work i've seen some communists espouse where it's assumed everyone will have to do monstrous amounts of work after the revolution & living standards in the 1st world must fall precipitously in order for colonialism to be reversed—

—and i find this
(1) understates the vertical dimension of capitalism — the presence of 3rd world capitalists and 1st world proletarians
(2) buys into capitalist propaganda about capitalism actually being good for anyone but the very richest

dying of preventable disease in the 1st world isn't meaningfully more luxurious than doing it in the 3rd world. i don't think living standards for the majority of 1st worlders are meaningfully better *except* by capitalism's metrics, based wholly on the ability of people to produce profit for the owning class. maybe we'll no longer want widescreen tvs and heated floors after the revolution, but i don't see why they'd be necessary have to be eliminated once the waste of capitalism is done away w/

the average 'workday' for a hunter-gatherer is 4 hours. the reason we do 8 to 12 isn't because it's harder to survive within an industrial society, but because of the need to generate ever higher profits

@esvrld I mean I'm sort of of the latter view but idgaf about monstrous amounts of work

@esvrld I don't understand why anybody would work if directly or indirectly it improved their standard of living. Like isn't part of the problem of capitalism is that they steal the fruits of our labour and then coerce us to work just to stay alive?

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