capitalism *is* human sacrifice on a scale greater than the aztecs ever did


think about something as simple as traffic — how many people die every single year for the sole reason that requiring everyone to own a car is more profitable than public transit?

the raw bit i think most about is probably how in illuminatus! the pentagon is shaped like that because it's a containment cell for the lloigor eater of souls, who's fed with the spiritual energies of everyone who dies in traffic accidents in america

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which, if you think about it, is a very neat & accurate analogy for how the rotten as fuck infrastructure at home feeds the military-industrial complex

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@esvrld oh yeah, traffic accidents. in my country (germany) people sacrifice 3000+ human lives every year for motorized mobility and can't be bothered to change anything.

@esvrld Spot on, I've been touting the capitalism is human sacrifice line to anyone who'll listen.

Also in Good Omens, there's that highway in Britain that Crowley made into the shape of a sigil to hail Satan, and pretty much all of his schemes to cause pain on a mass scale involve some seemingly insignificant bureaucratic cock up that damages people's lives thanks to capitalism making them rely on it, and it's said to be more effective than the old individual temptation ways

Or maybe people live in areas that require cars for transportation

@akubicauli do i need to spell the words 'requiring everyone to own a car' and 'public transit' out for you here or what

idk how that's capitalist. The whole world is not capitalist yet cars are everywhere.

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