@esvrld who wrote this I think they've seen beyond the veil

@Breakfast i genuinely don't recall; which perhaps is further proof

@esvrld oh that's easy, I'm a lamentable tragedy

@esvrld but seriously - what is this from? I sorta wanna use it as a coloring page!

@bouncinglime i got it from someone on twitter — i've no recollection of who it was

@esvrld gonna look it up on TinEye and print it out when I get back to the office someday

@esvrld tag yourself im the worm of silent decadence

@esvrld from the thumbnail i thought this was going to be the xkcd with the cursed python environment

@esvrld Can’t tell if Jordan Peterson or Marianne Williamson

@esvrld filling in paperwork at the DMV with "sargassum of despondence"

@esvrld im the wyrm of silent decadence on its way to penetrate and fertilize the one true face of god

@esvrld i can't decide if my gender is excess of phlegm or hawking radiation

@esvrld Somewhere an Alchemist is worried you're spilling the beans. Either that, or a D&D wizard has a page from their spellbook missing.

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