modern STEM education has created an army of naive computer scientists that know how to apply processes to data but are completely oblivious to the philosophical implications and criticisms of their work

@patterfloof @esvrld @dankwraith

I worked in IT operations for the British Government for about 4 years in the early 2000s - such attitudes amongst senior management are still prevalent 😆

@patterfloof @esvrld @dankwraith more succinctly put as "garbage in, garbage out"

@patterfloof so in this context is he questioning that someone would bother to ask if you could get the right result with the wrong data, or that someone would dare believe that his data is wrong.

@Calcifer @esvrld @dankwraith amazing how it came so early, while the computer "as a device" was still being invented.

At that time, Computer was an occupation. You'd have clerks in offices working out tide tables & logarithmic tables, for example.

@patterfloof @esvrld @dankwraith yes, one of the reasons I love it is that it captures so well how the tech "muggles" misunderstand the "magic" of technology (this is not a dig, rather something we need to be aware of and careful with)

The other reason is that the full quote explains that the askers were politicians (from both the upper and lower houses), which is really just *chef kiss*

@esvrld @dankwraith @red Thanks for the image macro. I may apply it to discussions

@esvrld @dankwraith pretty much every paper I read that involved deep learning. "we used a deep neural network and the results look good/interesting"

@esvrld @dankwraith do you happen to have a cite for this image because I'm about to post an edit

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