what i find fascinating about things like this isn't the doctrine — it's all the same faux-theosophic new age refuse, endlessly recycled in slight variations — but the way they use language — the extremely stripped down syntax to the point where many sentences are wholly composed of noun phrases, the full-frontal assault with technical terms used in a way that seems confident and specific while actually saying very little if anything, the hypnotic cadence it builds as it goes on

the power point slide aesthetic and the watermarked 'galaxy brain' artworks complement it. it's a very specific, extremely 'boomer' aesthetic

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the appropriation of scientific or technical vocabulary exemplifies the way ufo cults and post-new age grifters simultaneously view science as their enemy and seek to take on its mantle of respectability. it's about supplanting the scientific worldview, in sort of a weird reflection of the way new theories are supposed to supersede old ones in natural science

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it's an attack 'science' as such is completely incapable of deflecting — it works on a completely different level. trying to rebuke the factual errors or the unsupportable assertions it makes is a fundamentally a blind, because those are meaningless. what matters is the *sound* of the thing; and self-declared sceptics trying to self-congratulatorily tut-tut will only make it seem reasonable in comparison

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the 'scientific' vocabulary used always seems to lag a few decades behind whatever is the newest thing in scientific discourse: in the 1800s it was vibrations, in the 60s and 70s quantum mechanics, nowadays it's programming and holograms

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in spite of how absurd it is from the outside, evidently it does provide meaning to those inside it, and it has proven extremely resilient. it's a word virus, really — a contagion

vallée discusses a lot of this in his 'messengers of deception', and also makes the explicit connection to fascism. post-new age pseudoscience, i posit, relates to natural science as does fascism to liberalism

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i say 'post-new age' because the new age, by any meaningful definition, is long since over. all of its hopes and dreams are buried: what remains is the raw grifting potential

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serious stuff, pol 

@esvrld "faux-theosophic new age refuse"

i need to keep this phrase in mind the next time i see stuff like this in the wild

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