what the fuck is it with this typeface. someone call genius dot com and tell them it sucks

it's like someone set out to make a rectilinear typeface, realised it wasn't a good idea halfway thru, copied the rest of the letters from a normal typeface, and called it a day

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every time i see those letters it looks like a rendering error. it just plain sucks ass. who thought it was good

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turns out this is more or less what happened. this is a typeface called 'programme', that was initially generated automatically, then had the letterforms redone by hand, i assume when the type designer realised automatically generated typefaces are a stupid idea that doesn't work, but with the originals preserved as alternates

an actual foundry made this. someone who designs type for a living gave it a go-ahead. wild

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even the letters that look normal don't look that good. just use helvetica narrow or something. christ

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can we talk about the lower case e? i want to kick its ass

@esvrld can we talk about how if you zoom its homepage to make the text readable on a phone it promptly reloads itself to reset the zoom level? we want to kick the web designer's ass

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