'real name' is a fake concept. people have always had multiple names. accepting the name in your official records as any more 'real' than any other you choose to be addressed by is merely acceding to capital's control over your reality

i mean this very literally. enforcing fixed identities on people, and in particular last names, which didn't exist in many areas, was an important step in the growth of the capitalist state, and necessary for bureaucratic control over individual lives. capitalism needs people fixed and pinned down in order to subordinate them to production. accepting such names as 'real' is internalising the machinery of control

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and in colonialised nations, the imposition of fixed identities is violent far more than just conceptually. having indigenous names has been made illegal, children forced to take 'real' names. the objective is the eradication of one reality, one self-concept, and its forceful replacement with another

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things like facebook's 'real name policy' resulting in banning native americans are not just techbro short-sightedness, they're a purposeful continuation of the same colonial violence

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and i don't need to go into how the concept of 'real names' is weaponised against trans people and trans identities

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i have no real name. i have a thousand masks with nothing behind. no part of me is fixed, no part of me is real


My legal name is far less unique than my online handle. I've personally run in to maybe a dozen people with my first and last names. I most certainly do not own my name's domain.

My last name is just uncommon enough to not seem fake. But it is a color, and other people use it as a fake name.

My first name has had a solid run among the 100 most popular children's names. (Popular among my age/ethnicity.)

There's a 95% chance that 'yam655' is always me, though. (I own _that_ domain.)

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