i have been forcibly reminded the voyager plates basically constitute a mixtape, unsolicited nudes, and directions to where we live

@esvrld humans rly out here with that interstellar "come thru" text

@esvrld Everything posted on the internet is forever

As it turns out, so is launching shit into space

@esvrld @LexYeen ... I'm so upset but tbh that's pretty on brand for humanity

@esvrld inb4 we find out that alien 4chan is much much worse

@esvrld And all of it put together by a committee chaired by the most thoroughgoing stoner of 20th-century science.

@esvrld All that's missing is a passionate plea for response

@esvrld I think you're mistaken.

iirc, They removed the nudes from the Voyager golden records after they got complaints about the nudes on the Pioneer plaque.

@esvrld Put that way... first contact situation might be a rather stern lecture from an intergalactic judge?


The good news is, if aliens ever show up looking for some action, there will be *thousands* of people lining up to fuck one.

@esvrld well at least this way when humans want to get it on with the aliens they won't be surprised.

@esvrld And it didn't come with a content warning.

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