there was a period of almost 20 years where the internet was full of comics about three people drawn fully flat with no perspective living in the land of no backgrounds and playing video games, and we just collectively thought that was good. weird times

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i don't want to put down anyone's abilities as an artist or a writer, and i've always maintained the purest projects are those started with no other motive than that it's possible to do so; i'm mostly amazed that there was an audience for that sort of a thing

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if you travelled back in time to 2008 and showed a webcomic reader a kill six billion demons page, they'd fucking die

@esvrld for all homestuck’s awfulness it legitimately did a ton of shit no other big comic did in terms of medium-related fuckery

@hierarchon oh yea it's commendable as a deconstruction of the webcomic concept, if nothing else

@breakfastgolem glory to the divine corpse, o breaker of infinities

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