i'm not sure if 'great thinkers' or 'ayn rand with her philosophy' is doing more work

it's pretty clear they set out to make a list of everyone who's influenced them, realised that only came up to two racist hacks, and padded it by prepended every 'great thinker' they could name (six people, couldn't remember how plato's name is spelled)

oh, nuthin (lowers my skullglasses, looks you directly in the eye) i was just sharpening my double-bladed tirual blade,

to become a real vampyre™,, you have to become a big time bastard. basically the biggest shithead possible

pretty bold to steal a concept from indian religions, misspell it, then claim they have 'concepts similar to' it

hinduism, buddhism, and other religions have concepts similar to the dahr'ma*

* original idea donut steel

bleeding is actually good for you, as it eliminates the weaker blood, thus improving overall blood fitness. trust me, i've watched almost a dozen youtube videos on game theory

wow it's almost as if hinduism considers saṃsāra something to be escaped thru achieving mokṣa 🤔

they namedrop crowley's concept of holy guardian angel earlier in this same book, so how do they get basic details this wrong

and with that, i conclude. there are 650 fucking pages to this book, and none of them are any good. as always, i'd like to thank my followers, without whom i wouldn't want to abuse myself like this, as well as my inspiration and idol, ayn rand. god bless

@esvrld I honestly had no idea that Bauhaus would actually make the top of the list here when I wrote the bit I did, and I don't know if I feel proud or just kind of disappointed that they'd seriously go for fruit this low-hanging.

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