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pride isn't about 'love' or 'tolerance', it's about throwing bricks at cops

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never owned online, never horny, never mad. no 'jokes'. 100% raw insight. the esvrld guarantee

why is everyone hamilton posting??? this place is goin to shit!!!!

decided electroweak interaction is cisnormative ideology

alright feck it I'm gonna stream again. playing some Satisfactory. I don't have no fancy boom mic or camera but I'm gonna do it anyways. if anybody wants to drop by, here's the link 

In Warsaw and Katowice, the water treatment pipes are guarded by eight freshwater mussels.

They stand as silent sentinels against contamination

whats the job where you live inside a mussel shell and breathe water to see if its safe for poles to drink. anyway thats the thing i spent $800000 at college for

i'm a bit of an introvert (contracts rapidly and turns into a plasma)

Monads are like weak little babies. I could destroy them without a second thought

cant believe maduro is big leaguing me

*circles "become nonbinary" on a whiteboard*

do you lick your knives

Say what you will about the Roman Empire but at least they oppressed Christians

*explaining mastodon to someone* yeah, ok, there's not really any brand presence. the Garfield account is just a person who is using it as an alias, not Jim Davis's account. oh no, not that one. the Nicolas Maduro account is actually real, that's actually the official account of the president of Venezuela

sometimes I wonder why some cis women creep me out, and then I see stuff like this

*Gamer voice* Nooooo this fictional medieval world is not realistic gays and woman didn't exist back then 😭

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