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i will never do an introduction post. the choice i present is simple: you look at my profile, my pinned post, and some of my most recent post, and decide if you're going to click on that 'follow' button. and after that you deserve everything i will put on your tl

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already asked on twitter but evidently all of my 1k+ followers are useless louts with no knowledge of historical linguistics, and this is bugging me

is primary diphthongisation in romance languages thought connected to the monophthongisation of inherited ⟨ae⟩ and ⟨au⟩?

anna calvi and amanda palmer's performance of 'blackstar' at bbc proms

Joker: Do you want to know how I got these scars?

me: I don’t see any

Joker: they’re emotional

me: oh

Joker: my father you see-

me: isn’t there a therapist you could be seeing for this?

Joker: I was but it got to where I couldn’t afford it. It’s that or eating, you see?

me: damn ain’t that some shit

Joker: why do you think I steal?

me: I guess the real joke was the American healthcare system all along

legitimately find it weird that it's common practice for people to keep photographs of other people they know on their phones; i'm not even talking about nudes necessarily, just like. photographs, any kind

what's up with that

they refused to let me into the DSA, telling me that im "not white enough". what the heck!

always gratified to discover i'm slightly taller than some twitter mutual or other

supposed to meditate but cat is laying on my legs, preventing me from sitting up in the āsana

this is now a homonormative website. be gay or DIE.

writing tip: give things completely ridiculous, unprintable working names. that way you will have to give them a real name at some point, instead of just growing attached to the working name

got into a couple of very weird twitter fights and now i'm no longer feeling nauseated

unsure what this means but good nonetheless

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if I were the republic I would simply, arrest the sith lords

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