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never owned online, never horny, never mad. no 'jokes'. 100% raw insight. the esvrld guarantee

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*extremely 2020s person voice*
the natural world, due to being natural, is intrinsically 'safe'

the average human owns enough biological material for them to (future technology permitting) transform into over 500 weasels

@a_lizard sure! Here's the essential text on identity politics:

The Statement is what coined the term "identity politics", and it was in an explicitly Marxist context. I dont know the article you linked so cant comment

1st Impact: one week ago, Koopa disappeared off camera without explanation

2nd Impact: less than a week later, Koopa is seen staring directly into the camera, as though able to peer through it

3rd Impact: remains to be seen

one day koopa will break free from containment and wreak vengeance upon the trolls

🖌️ open for #commissions 🎨

i am happily revamping my prices and guides for Pay What You Want comms

with avatars or emoji starting from $10 🌠

check out this thread or my site for more info:


@TeethTeethTeeth the other angle is that the private/public distinction sets private property as a sacrosanct realm of its own outside legitimate political intervention. this distinction is the foundation of the entire complex of liberal 'rights' and 'freedoms'; since only the bourgeois in fact have private property, this means they are the only ones who have actual rights or freedoms

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