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never owned online, never horny, never mad. no 'jokes'. 100% raw insight. the esvrld guarantee

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catsandcatsandcats and esvrld sharing a flat in new jersey truther

esvrld and catsandcatsandcats log on at exactly the same time like they aint the same mfer

Please turn your periscope inward and reflect on how you are German and replying to my posts

it's-a me, mario!

(closeup to face, voice suddenly more serious)

it has been suggested i belong to a church that is infamously anti-lgbtq. nothing could be further f

thinking about the time i saw a conversation on here like

someone: "i wish mastodon had X feature"

gargon: "it does, click this button here"

someone: "oh, that's not very intuitive"

gargon: "yes it is"

A moment of silence, please, for those who never get the chance
They log on to the website, but they're never boosted or faved
The users, repliers, DM sliders, the simps
The anarchists, the journalists, and those that don't believe in FOSS

ouroboros dick be like: it IS gonna suck itself

alas, the shapes on the computer appear to once again have regurgitated forth a poorly formulated opinion. i shall be in my isolation chamber for twice as long this evening

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nothing political about disney

when they lobbied the whole U.S. senate to retain the rights of mickye the mouthe, it was completely apolitical

every time i teach my students about finding reliable sources for academic papers i make sure to specifically stress that they shouldn't cite the nyt opinion pages

I would personally get David Brooks in a rear naked choke if we were ever in formal combat against one another. It would be really easy.

There has never been a group more bullyable than NYT op-ed writers

worse though is thin people's constant presumptions that all fat people must hate our bodies bc they can't imagine anything worse than being fat. that's your own fatphobia showing

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