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if you are currently affiliated with isis or have been in the past, you are legally obligated to tell me, so i can soft-block

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wild how i'm the only person on here who has never followed an isis member. you think some of the others wouldn't have, either, but no. all of them have at some point

the latest claim from my scurrilous enemies, who shall remain unnamed, is that i am a mantis-like alien from the direction of the constellation ophiuchus. i want to be careful in dismissing these rumours, as i have long advocated for the mantis alien community. that said, it has never been definitively proven that i, myself, am one. i ask those spreading this rumour to grow the fuck up already

if a bird attacks you you probably deserved it. sorry if this offends

okay we hate big oil: that much i can condone. but did you ever stop to ask your rose-eating selves about small oil? did you ever think even ONCE of my grandfather, who siphons gasoline out of the cars parked in front of gamestop

reclaiming saying "the wife" from the straights

'pale blue eyes' by velvet underground is a song about fucking someone's wife. facts

annoyed at people saying 'pantheism' when they mean polytheism

in my mind, ariana grande speaks with an extremely thick italian accent

stealing a cash machine and then eating the entire thing, leaving no evidence behind. the perfect crime

having posted about it, i'm honour-bound to mention 'don't fear the reaper' and 'godzilla' are entry-level böc, and not even the best songs on their respective albums

fucked up how there are over 10000 songs about falling in love, but only one about not fearing the reaper

i think they probably just blank it out, like how they think the empire are the good guys in star wars original trilogy

wondering how alt-righters reconcile all the nazi punching in indiana jones. punching nazis is feminism, and feminism is politics, yet indiana jones was made before politics was invented by anita sarkeesian. and harrison ford probably isn't a soyboy. so is indiana jones a cuck or not

Albert Einstein was a thot. Look at that famous pic of him sticking his tongue out and tell me he ain't an e-boy.

imagining a hypothetical youtube commenter going on about how 'political correctness' means 'this wouldn't be allowed today' on the comments to the blues brothers scene where they drive over the illinois nazis

csa mention 

might get a computer with web technologies my browser doesn't support

(comes up with American character names the same way some American creators name foreign characters)

This is Elvis Hitchcock Roosevelt, husband of Rosaparks Rosie-Riveteer, father of Macaulay Cilkun and Shurly Temple.

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